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The Newsletter of the Johns Hopkins Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Spring 2017

Probing Deep Brain Stimulation for Alzheimer’s Disease

Neuropsychologist Gwenn Smith and psychiatrist Constantine Lyketsos have been collaborating on a multicenter phase II study of deep brain stimulation in patients ages 45 to 85 with Alzheimer’s disease. The results show some benefit to the older patients.

Spring 2017

A Boon for Children’s Mental Health Services

Pediatrician and psychiatrist Larry Wissow has been named the inaugural recipient of a professorship honoring the late Johns Hopkins pediatric psychiatrist James Connaughton. And that means expanded services for patients and their families.

Spring 2017

Self-Harming Behavior in Children with Autism: Can Electroconvulsive Therapy Help?

Whether they resort to head banging, scratching or biting, children with autism who demonstrate self-injurious behaviors autism may find electroconvulsive therapy helpful, according to psychiatrist Irving Reti.

Spring 2017

Paper Trail

A roundup of brain research and thinking underway at Johns Hopkins offers a glimpse of recent insights.

Spring 2017

New Books by Faculty

Announcing two new books by Susan Lehmann and Kay Redfield Jamison — on bipolar disorder in older patients and Robert Lowell’s genius and mania, respectively.