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A twice-yearly newsletter for current and former Johns Hopkins Medicine housestaff and friends
Spring 2018

A Mission to Reinvigorate Bedside Medicine

Johns Hopkins residents spend as little as 12 percent of their time at the bedside, a recent study found, raising concerns about eroding clinical skills. Taking a “back-to-the-future” approach, Osler leaders are working to improve the interface between doctors and patients.

Spring 2018

Beyond the Dome: Anna Hemnes

Osler alum Anna Hemnes shares her trajectory from Osler intern to Thayer assistant chief of service to her current position at Vanderbilt University—and her fascination with pulmonary hypertension.

Spring 2018

Class Notes

The 2018 Match includes a diverse group of Osler interns, 62 percent of whom are women.

Spring 2018

Sanjay's Section: Probing the Osler Residency Program Culture

The director of the Osler Medical Training Program is spearheading a reexamination of its culture and invites readers’ input.