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Aequanimitas - My Turn

Aequanimitas Spring 2015

My Turn

Date: March 30, 2015

Physician-scientists fill a critical role in academic medicine, living at the interface between clinical care and fundamental discovery. This position affords them a unique vantage to understand unmet clinical need and to formulate—using scientific tools—discoveries and therapies that will reduce human suffering and cure diseases in the future. 

To fulfill their role, physician-scientists work within the framework of the greater academic medical community. They rely on master clinicians, health care teams, basic science colleagues, technicians and institutional resources to support scientific cores, grants management and philanthropy.

Johns Hopkins is, in many ways, the birthplace of the physician-scientist model, where compassionate, thoughtful and relentlessly curious physicians recognized a need for models and discovery tools that would move clinical care forward.

I am committed to continuing  this legacy of being a major source of our nation’s best physician-scientists. I believe it’s a critical quest we are well positioned to meet. But success depends on our nurturing trainees and junior faculty. To accomplish this important mission, we will need the ongoing support of our graduates and the philanthropy of our benefactors—something we never take for granted.


Mark Anderson, Director
Department of Medicine 

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