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Johns Hopkins Health System Announces New Supply Chain Management Organization - 11/03/2016

Johns Hopkins Health System Announces New Supply Chain Management Organization

Nobilant set to optimize clinician engagement and cultivate positive patient outcomes
Release Date: November 3, 2016
Credit: Johns Hopkins Medicine

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The Johns Hopkins Health System announces the launch of Nobilant, a new supply chain management organization with a progressive vision to resolve a critical issue faced by many health care providers: how to address rising costs while maintaining positive patient outcomes.  A joint venture between Johns Hopkins Health System and Allegheny Health Network, Nobilant’s approach includes cultivating clinical collaboration by elevating engagement with clinicians around the products and services they use to care for patients.

“Driving the participation of and collaborating with leading clinicians is key to the success of Nobilant’s sourcing strategy,” says Ronald Werthman, senior vice president and chief financial officer for Johns Hopkins Medicine and chairman of Nobilant. “We strive to not only achieve cost savings, but, more importantly, keep patient safety and quality outcomes at the forefront of our priorities.”

Nobilant puts patient safety first by integrating clinicians into its vetting process for clinical goods and services. From the initial product request, to procurement, to product evaluation post-patient use, Nobilant partners with clinicians to ensure the quality of its solutions, promote favorable patient outcomes and maximize value for providers.

A recent example of this includes the participation of more than 100 clinicians in the supplier vetting process for new patient beds and mattresses. The results were an improved product for patient care and a contract that provides Nobilant’s members with best-in-class pricing. In addition, the organization executed an agreement for durable medical equipment that promotes patient safety and recovery in the home, helping deliver total cost savings of over $4 million.

Unlike a traditional group purchasing organization, Nobilant provides strategic sourcing solutions that span the full range of clinical and nonclinical products and services collectively purchased by its members.

The organization enters the health care market with a comprehensive approach to transforming supply chain management for health care providers by:

  • Cultivating active clinician collaboration to enable excellent patient outcomes
  • Targeting members’ comprehensive nonlabor expenditures to improve savings opportunities
  • Focusing on total cost of ownership of products and services to assess value beyond price
  • Contracting on national, regional and local levels to expand breadth of goods and services
  • Collaborating with suppliers to improve service levels, efficiency and safety in patient care

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About Nobilant

Nobilant is a leading supply chain optimization company for health care providers, formed through a joint venture of the Johns Hopkins Health System and Allegheny Health Network. The company’s progressive approach to value optimization engages both clinicians and suppliers in targeting members’ comprehensive nonlabor spend while enabling favorable outcomes for patients.

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