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In the News: Johns Hopkins Medicine

Dr. David Neubauer

How to Deal with Insomnia to Get a Good Night's Sleep

Dr. David Neubauer explains the most common causes of insomnia—a disorder that affects an estimated 70 million Americans—and what steps you can take to address the problem.

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Dr. Andrew Feinberg

Twins in Space

Dr. Andrew Feinberg discusses his monumental investigation of the effects of long stays in space on the human body. Scott Kelly, an astronaut, will spend a year aboard the International Space Station. Upon returning, his genome will be compared with his twin brother's to see if any genes have been altered.

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Dr. Thomas Smith

Three Ways to Lower Cancer Care Costs

Dr. Thomas Smith identifies three components of medical care costs that can be addressed to improve access and affordability.

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Dr. Dorry Segev

Kidney Donation May Slightly Raise Risk of Disease

Dr. Dorry Segev clarifies the results of his recent study, which found donors had only slightly higher rates of end-stage renal disease than those who would have likely qualified to donate but did not.

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Dr. Allison Agwu

Why HIV-Positive Teens Delay Treatment

Dr. Allison Agwu talks about how fear and stress stop HIV-positive teens from getting tested and seeking treatment before their disease progresses to more advanced and less manageable stages.

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Dr. Frank Lin

How Does Hearing Loss Contribute to Mental Decline?

Dr. Frank Lin explains how hearing loss in older adults may accelerate the shrinkage of brain volume, which suggests that treating hearing loss could slow the onset of dementia.

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Dr. Mark Sulkowski

Promising New Treatment for Hepatitis C

Dr. Mark Sulkowski discusses how a combination of antiviral pills may eventually provide hepatitis C patients with a more effective and tolerable treatment option.

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Dr. Maria Oliva-Hemker

Fecal Transplants

Dr. Maria Oliva-Hemker shares the story of a 10-year-old girl whose persistent C. diff infection was cured with a fecal transplant, a surprisingly effective procedure that involves introducing bacteria from a donor to restore bacterial balance.

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Dr. John Bartlett

Addressing Antibiotic Resistance

Dr. John Bartlett describes the dangers of negligent antibiotic use and what the United States can learn from Europe's successful antibiotic resistance plan.

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