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Web Extra: My Sleep Script: Tips From the Team Behind the App

Web Extra: My Sleep Script: Tips From the Team Behind the App

The interdisciplinary Johns Hopkins dream team behind the My Sleep Script tool share some tips for aspiring app-makers.

“Think like a team. Develop a common vision and respect for each person’s expertise and contributions.”

Sleep Experts
Rachel Salas, assistant professor of neurology
Charlene Gamaldo, medical director of the Johns Hopkins Sleep Disorders Center

“Consider what purpose the app will serve. Ask yourself, 'How is this better or different than existing apps?'”

Luis Buenaver, director of the Johns Hopkins Behavioral Sleep Medicine Program

“Clearly define the scope of the project and create realistic deadlines. This will help keep everyone on the same page, from the developers to funders and the Institutional Review Board.”

Project Manager
Paula David, senior research service analyst, Department of Biology

“Don’t underestimate the importance of collaboration. Close coordination between the health providers, designer and programmers is important to ensure that drawings and animations are accurate.”

Anthony Kwan, 2013 graduate of The Johns Hopkins University

“Start small and build on your successes. Create a basic app first and then apply 'add-ons'. Break complex tasks into small manageable pieces. Prototype quickly but be thorough to create a 'bulletproof' end product.”

Programmer and Software Engineer
, Department of Neurology

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