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Talking About Racial Justice 

Talking About Racial Justice 

“The healthy society we are morally obligated to create would treat all citizens with equal levels of care and compassion. Current inequities, however, levy a devastating toll on the lives of many people in America. These are difficult conversations, but we will embrace the tension in order to move toward a healthier society.” 

—Alicia Wilson, vice president for economic development at The Johns Hopkins University and Johns Hopkins Health System, describing a free new online discussion series — the JustUs Dialogues — featuring many of the nation's most important voices on topics relating to racial justice. The series, hosted over Zoom, kicked off on Aug. 20 with a discussion on police reform and will culminate in October with an online symposium on health and restorative justice. 

LEARN MORE about the work of The Hopkins Diaspora, a group for African American/Black employees and allies at Johns Hopkins Medicine. 

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