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Everyday Hopkins: Trivia Biscoe

Everyday Hopkins: Trivia Biscoe

Trivia biscoe is one of 29 clinical customer service coordinators charged with ensuring that patients and their family members have an exceptional stay at The Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Typically wearing a dark blazer, white shirt and colorful scarf, Biscoe is assigned to the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center, where she makes the rounds delivering a warm welcome to the unit’s roughly 20 patients and families and becoming their navigator. Recognizing the uncertainty and anxiety they are experiencing, Biscoe gives the families a tour of the pediatric unit and ensures that they receive the services they need—from parking assistance to daily meals, picking up prescriptions from the Arcade Pharmacy, connecting them to social work, Child Life and even to an interpreter if necessary.

She makes sure her personable, empathetic and compassionate nature is evident in her interactions. “Before I step into the patient’s room, I evaluate what they may be going through,” Biscoe says. “I try to put myself in that family’s shoes. They may be coming into the hospital for the first time, under very stressful situations, looking toward an unknown diagnosis.”

“Patients and their family members tell me that the best patient experience they can get is being communicated with, understanding what’s going to happen, knowing the next steps,” Biscoe says.

Sometimes these families just need someone to listen to or to understand them with a nonbiased opinion, she says: “Families tell me that just having me there when they enter the unit releases the anxiety.”

Prior to coming to Johns Hopkins a year ago, Biscoe worked with people with intellectual disabilities for seven years, managing homes for people with disabilities and operating programs.

The mother of two boys, ages 17 and 10, says that the job has “allowed me to see the blessing I have in having healthy kids.”

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