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COVID-19 Update

Due to interest in the COVID-19 vaccines, we are experiencing an extremely high call volume. Please understand that our phone lines must be clear for urgent medical care needs. We are unable to accept phone calls to schedule COVID-19 vaccinations at this time. When this changes, we will update this website. Our vaccine supply remains limited. Read all COVID-19 Vaccine Information.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Articles

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Articles

Click on a link below to view Dome's comprehensive coverage of the coronavirus pandemic.

COVID-19 Vaccinations Begin Across Johns Hopkins Medicine (December 21, 2020)

Surgery for My Toddler During the Coronavirus Pandemic (December 16, 2020)

Christelle Asu: A COVID-19 Nurse in a Pandemic That Keeps Going (December 8, 2020)

Johns Hopkins Joins National #MaskUp Campaign to Slow the COVID-19 Pandemic (November 19, 2020)

Johns Hopkins Telemedicine Helps Patients Stay Healthy During COVID-19 Pandemic (October 23, 2020)

Johns Hopkins Research Offers Lessons Learned from COVID-19 Patients (October 21, 2020)

Coronavirus Pandemic Prompts Flu Vaccine Mandate Across Johns Hopkins Medicine (September 29, 2020)

COVID-19’s Lessons: How the Pandemic Changed Residency Training (September 25, 2020)

At the School of Medicine, COVID-19 Creates an Academic Year Like No Other (September 8, 2020)

COVID-19 Patient Self-Screener Tool Helps Keep Staff and Patients Safe (August 27, 2020)

Johns Hopkins Distributes 85,000 Reusable Face Masks to Baltimore Community (August 25, 2020)

Johns Hopkins Tracker Looks at K–12 Reopening Plans (August 24, 2020)

Lifeline Transport Marks COVID-19 Milestone: 1,000 Patient Transports with Zero Staff Transmissions (August 20, 2020)

COVID-19 Research Coordinator Finds Her Calling at Johns Hopkins (August 19, 2020)

With New Fund, Sibley Brings Masks, COVID-19 Information to Washington Neighbors (August 3, 2020)

Johns Hopkins Takes COVID-19 Care to the Community (July 27, 2020)

Johns Hopkins Administrator Alicia Wilson: From the Community, for the Community (July 27, 2020)

Johns Hopkins Ramps Up COVID-19 Testing to 1,500 a Day (July 14, 2020)

Johns Hopkins Bayview Team Provides Vital COVID Information to Underserved Communities 

(July 9, 2020)

Be a Part of History (July 6, 2020)

Innovative Approaches to Patient Rehabilitation Maximize COVID-19 Recovery at Johns Hopkins (June 8, 2020)

Gerry and Georgene Stephens: Savoring Life Together After COVID-19 (June 3, 2020)

Treating Substance Use Disorder During COVID-19 (May 15, 2020)

Johns Hopkins Team Develops Method to Make Dialysis Fluid for Patients with COVID-19 (May 14, 2020)

Ahmad Ayyad: Getting Strong Again After COVID-19 (May 13, 2020)

Johns Hopkins Helps Patients and Families Stay Connected When COVID-19 Prohibits Visits (May 11, 2020)

Nurses Lead Creation of ‘Prone Team’ to Help Manage Patients with Coronavirus Who Are in Crisis (May 6, 2020)

Johns Hopkins ‘Go Team’ Helps Nursing Homes Manage COVID-19 (May 6, 2020)

Coronavirus and Music: Industry CEOs Get Safety Advice from Johns Hopkins (May 5, 2020)

Coronavirus Transport: Johns Hopkins Lifeline Team Focuses on Safety for Patients and Staff Members (May 4, 2020)

At Johns Hopkins, Recovery for Many COVID-19 Survivors Begins in the ICU (April 30, 2020)

Johns Hopkins Tends to the Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Health of Staff (April 29, 2020)

Home-Based Care Embraces Telemedicine During Coronavirus Crisis (April 28, 2020)

Sammy Eldin: A Johns Hopkins Patient Recovering from COVID-19 (April 27, 2020)

‘All Hands on Deck’ as Johns Hopkins Facilities Teams Prepare Hospitals for COVID-19 (April 27, 2020)

State Taps Johns Hopkins, University of Maryland to Open COVID-19 Recovery Unit at Baltimore Convention Center (April 23, 2020)

Long History of Responding to National Health Crises

In Johns Hopkins Maternity Wards, Joy – and Anxiety – Amid COVID-19 (April 3, 2020)

Johns Hopkins Volunteers Assemble Face Shields for Coronavirus Protection (March 29, 2020)

New Coronavirus Vaccine in Development at Johns Hopkins (March 21, 2020)

In Fight Against Coronavirus, Telemedicine Ramps Up at Johns Hopkins (March 19, 2020)

Coronavirus Screening Test Developed at Johns Hopkins (March 14, 2020)

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