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A Life-Changing Mission

A Life-Changing Mission

Meet Johns Hopkins Burn Center director, Dr. C. Scott Hultman

The Johns Hopkins Burn Center and the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive
Surgery welcome Burn Center director, C. Scott Hultman, M.D., MBA, FACS. Dr. Hultman specializes in burn treatment and reconstruction, aesthetic surgery and surgery of the hand. As the Burn Center director, he will oversee the clinical operations of the adult burn unit at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center and develop a burn reconstruction program for adults and children.

What drew you to burn care?

I like the long-term relationship that a care team forms with each burn patient. Burn care is a specific specialty of plastic surgery that combines clinical care, research and teaching. When talking about burn care, I like to think of the ‘six Rs’: rescue––removing the patient from the harmful situation; resuscitation––providing clinical care after the initial trauma; resurfacing––surgically treating the wounds and applying skin grafts; rehabilitation––helping the patient to relearn activities of daily living; my subspecialty, reconstruction– restoring the skin’s appearance, function and comfort; and finally recovery––holistically approaching a patient’s emotional and spiritual care. It’s a joy to save a patient’s limb, or even life, and then continue to be part of their ongoing care.

How does the multidisciplinary team approach impact the outcomes for burn patients?

The most important factor contributing to a patient’s outcome has been the evolution of team-based care. One burn surgeon cannot do all work physically, nor do they have the expertise to manage all aspects of critical care. In order for treatment to be successful, we rely on coordinated, collaborative efforts of the individuals that make up the team, such as nurses, anesthesiologists, dietitians, social workers, occupational and physical therapists, respiratory therapists, psychologists, spiritual care experts and family members.

What sets the approach of the Johns Hopkins Burn Center apart from other institutions?

The Johns Hopkins Burn Center plays a unique role. We serve our local community as the state of Maryland’s only regional adult burn center, but we also draw international patients with our world-renowned expertise and research. Areas of research that I am interested in include the management of chronic pain after a burn injury, the role of pastoral care for burn patients, and laser remodeling of scars.

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