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Evaluate Your Work Environment

Evaluate Your Work Environment

This month, employees can share their opinions about workplace issues by taking the 2016 Employee Engagement Survey. Administered by the Gallup Organization, the survey will be conducted from March 21 to April 10 for all Johns Hopkins Medicine faculty and staff members. The survey consists of 12 questions—or the “Q12”—which, according to Gallup, predict how committed employees feel to their organization and their work. There will be 18 additional questions about satisfaction, diversity and inclusion, and accountability and growth. The survey is completely confidential to ensure that employees can share their true opinions.

Once the results are distributed in late summer, employees are encouraged to discuss the outcomes with their team and develop action plans for areas that need improvement.

In the coming weeks, Gallup will email an invitation to employees to take the survey using a randomly selected survey access code that will not include any identifying information. Employees can access the survey by clicking on the link in the email.

The survey offers each staff member—at every level—the chance to make the workplace more rewarding.

This year, employees at The Johns Hopkins Hospital, the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, The Johns Hopkins Health System Corporation, Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center, Sibley Memorial Hospital, Suburban Hospital, Johns Hopkins Home Care Group, Johns Hopkins Community Physicians, Johns Hopkins HealthCare, Howard County General Hospital, All Children’s Hospital and Johns Hopkins Medicine International will be participating in the 2016 Employee Engagement Survey.

Learn more about the survey:

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