Get to Know Kapil Mishra

What attracted you to ophthalmology?

The eye is an organ that gives us an opportunity to study limitless pathology using a multitude of imaging equipment. It is amazing how sick the eye can be, and I am motivated to help restore vision for our patients while also advancing the field.

How did you become interested in your specialty?

There are exciting emerging therapies for vitreoretinal diseases that historically have no treatment options. Because no two cases are exactly the same, the surgeries are complex and varied.

What are your research interests?

I enjoy discovering ways to better surgical education utilizing multimedia and new technologies.

What drew you to Wilmer?

Wilmer is a premier institution and a model for ophthalmologic clinical care, research and education. Walking around Wilmer, we are surrounded by those who have pushed the field forward.

What are you working on now, and how will it contribute to the advancement of ophthalmology?

Currently, I am an assistant chief of service with Narine Viruni, and we have the privilege of working with the Wilmer residents and teaching them clinical and surgical care. The residents are future leaders in the field, and we hope to contribute to their growth as young, brilliant physicians.

Where do you see opportunities for advancement or innovation in your specialty?

As our imaging modalities become more sophisticated, we continue to learn about vitreoretinal diseases and prognostic features. I am excited about gene therapy and new drug delivery devices.