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Since embarking as president of Johns Hopkins Health System’s National Capital Region in August 2020, Carolyn Carpenter has been busy assembling the “people, plans and processes” to advance integration across Johns Hopkins Medicine and help expand clinical programs.

A new collaborative center representing disciplines of pediatric cardiology, cardiac surgery, and anesthesiology and critical care medicine offers lifelong care for patients born with CHD.

The institute, tasked with improving health care safety and quality, celebrates its accomplishments after a decade of operations.

The formation of Johns Hopkins Medicine, in 1996, marked more than the creation of a new administrative structure: It laid the groundwork for an extraordinary era of expansion and advances in health care — here and around the world. In the stories that follow, we highlight some of the seminal events and achievements of Johns Hopkins Medicine’s first 25 years.

Innovative hospital unit is designed to strengthen care and reduce length of stay and readmissions for patients discharged from the pediatric cardiac intensive care unit.

Ariel’s Story - 10/07/2021

In severe cardiorespiratory failure shortly after birth, Ariel Egbunine underwent ECMO treatment that saved her life. Two decades later, she finds herself both giving back and paying forward at the same children’s hospital that cared for her.

A doctor in training shares observations from her time as a visiting resident with the Indian Health Service.

Evolving to Succeed - 10/06/2021

From expansion of the clinical enterprise to major breakthroughs in research and patient care, Johns Hopkins Medicine has experienced many triumphs in its first quarter century.

By adapting a strategy that astrophysicists used to create a precise digital map of the universe, Hopkins cancer researchers have collaborated to map tumor and immune cells on a microscopic scale.

Hidden No More - 10/05/2021

In Letter to a Young Female Physician, master storyteller Suzanne Koven ’86 shares insights gained from her nearly 40 years in medicine.

Since 2007, a grateful patient family continues its support of immunologist Robert Wood and the Eudowood Division of Allergy, Immunology and Rheumatology in studying allergic diseases and helping children and families best manage them.

Gaming for Kids - 10/05/2021

While many events went virtual for the first time in 2020, Extra Life, a 24-hour gaming marathon, has proven its success in the virtual space for over a decade.

In show business, “the show must go on,” and when a pandemic swept the globe, radio shows – and fundraising events – were no exception.

Throughout the past year of uncertainty, one thing remained decidedly certain: Kids can’t wait. During the global pandemic, children couldn’t wait for a cure or vaccine, or for the curve to flatten, and funds still needed to be raised to provide resources for our patients and families.

Class Notes for Fall 2021

Majmudar’s innovations advance health care delivery.

Chretien is leading a new initiative for medical student wellness.

A Tripartite Career - 10/05/2021

Collector, clinician and medical historian, Fye found inspiration in William Osler.

Ending Blindness - 10/04/2021

Top Showing - 10/04/2021

Gun Shy - 10/04/2021

Inspired by experiences from his service in the Army, psychiatry resident Jason Theis ’20 is collaborating with others at Johns Hopkins to address a major risk factor in suicide by giving health providers the tools they need to talk more comfortably about firearm use.

Decades in the making, Bruce Leff’s bold vision — to bring acute-level care to patients in the comfort of their own homes — is poised to take off, to the benefit of patients in Baltimore, across the country and around the world.

Adalberto Prins, or “Al” as he likes to be known, was a teen receiving dialysis and awaiting kidney transplant in an adult unit at an outside hospital. While he appreciated the care, he did not feel comfortable as the youngest patient on the unit.

This issue’s note from the editor.

Holdren-Serrell dedicates time and resources to Helping Up Mission

A lifesaving event inspires the Carter family to give back.

As a pediatric anesthesiologist at the Blalock-Taussig-Thomas Pediatric and Congenital Heart Center at Johns Hopkins, Natalia Diaz-Rodriguez has a short window of time in which to meet her patients before they undergo surgery. Understandably, children are often scared, and their parents anxious.

Three new nurse managers share their personal path to pediatric nursing and vision for pediatric intensive care.

In years past, chief residents at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center have cited the thrill of not knowing what each day will bring. As one former chief noted, “You sort of walk into the day with your scheduled meetings, your to-do list, but you realize an email or someone at your door can completely change the way you thought your day was going to be.” Fast forward to 2020–2021, the pandemic-infused year devoid of normalcy.

A GIANT Impact - 09/28/2021

The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine will migrate to a new learning management system beginning with the 2022-23 academic year.

Clinics are underway at the East Baltimore campus and throughout Johns Hopkins.

Following training, he sought a place where the pace was fast and the stakes higher

Braving summer heat and misinformation, the Johns Hopkins mobile vaccination team has immunized thousands of Marylanders against COVID-19.

Although the American Diabetes Association (ADA) advises regular screening for pediatric diabetic retinopathy, it’s estimated that fewer than half of all youth with diabetes follow the recommendation.

The patient, an 8-year-old boy from Western Michigan, experienced progressive back and hip pain, constipation and urinary hesitancy for over six weeks.

With assistance from Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures, the team secured nearly $2 million in funding and hopes to test its therapy in patients in the next five years.

With expanded opportunities to care for patients in clinics, a growing number of Osler residents are choosing careers in outpatient medicine.

Amid personal tragedy, Johns Hopkins husband-and-wife researchers develop a drug to treat inflammation in COVID-19 patients

Has the impact of the coronavirus triggered an increase in suicide attempts and deaths among children and adolescents? John Campo discusses this and other issues during National Suicide Prevention Month.

Gastroenterologist Olaya Brewer Gutierrez and colleagues use the direct measurement to provide more reliable answers to questions about dangerous portal hypertension.

Sibley Memorial Hospital supports innovative teams with $25,000 grants, entrepreneurship training.

Baltimore faith leaders are preparing to resume traditional in-person weekly worship services with the help of Johns Hopkins experts.

AWE helps JHM staff members meet patients’ basic needs to provide optimum health care.

A Shot of Hope - 09/01/2021

The COVID-19 pandemic meant the loss of family gatherings, social outings and, for many of us, physical touch. Neuroscientists Varun Chokshi and Daniel O’Connor explain why physical touch is so important now and in the coming post-pandemic world.

Using dark-field microscopy, a special microscope photography technique, the patterns of specific salt crystallizations in tears can be visualized and preserved forever.

By volunteering at summer camps, Johns Hopkins doctors gain a better understanding of their patients.

Find out who was honored with awards for exceptional scholarship and leadership, and meet the new assistant chiefs of service, who began their terms on July 1, 2021.

Beyond the Dome - 08/24/2021

An Osler alum who trained during the height of the HIV crisis shares her journey to her position as executive director, scientific affairs at Merck — bolstering the development of novel therapies for chronic liver diseases.

Osler Medical Residency Director Sanjay Desai reflects on more than a decade of milestones at Johns Hopkins before embarking on his new role at the American Medical Association.

The mural is the inaugural project of EBDI’s Public Arts and Placemaking Workgroup, which includes Johns Hopkins staff.

A special analysis of echocardiograms could be used to anticipate which patients hospitalized with COVID-19 are most likely to develop an irregular heart rhythm.

The award from the Emergency Nurses Association recognizes excellent practice and innovative performance through leadership, education, advocacy and research.

Joy Curbean-Johnson hesitated for months before getting vaccinated despite a dangerous bout with the infection. Now she’s encouraging other Johns Hopkins employees to get vaccinated.

Prompted by a 13-year-old patient and his mom who share a rare mutation and a potentially new respiratory disease, pediatric pulmonologist Christy Sadreameli pairs patient care and research in a new clinic designed to treat and better understand such disorders.

In recent years, Sibley has grown its orthopaedics services and demonstrated a commitment to surgical innovations.

Shahnaz Miri joined Wilmer Eye Institute, Johns Hopkins Medicine as an assistant professor in Wilmer’s neuro-ophthalmology division in July 2021.

Johns Hopkins sports medicine specialist Mo Emam talked with Dome from Japan following his stint as a physician volunteer at the 2021 Olympic Games.

To celebrate Hundt’s achievements, Baltimore City made a ceremonial street sign in his name.

Johns Hopkins researchers provide tools and expertise to assist with study design, device selection, data processing and interpretation of results.

The ACS Experience - 07/30/2021

The 2021–22 U.S. News & World Report Best Hospitals rankings are in, and The Johns Hopkins Hospital is ranked #4 in the nation — marking 32 consecutive years of placing in the top 5.

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