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Johns Hopkins neurosurgeon Shih-Chun "David" Lin performs minimally invasive artificial disk replacement at Suburban Hospital.

One hundred fifty East Baltimore neighbors received produce and toiletries.

Obstetrician-gynecologist Carolyn Sufrin was recently commended in an American Medical Association report for her research and advocacy involving incarcerated pregnant people with opioid use disorder.

Neurosurgeon Shih-Chun “David” Lin removed a small benign tumor from a patient’s inner ear, preserving her hearing and other important nerves in the process.

One of the world’s first neurosciences critical care units opened at Johns Hopkins in 1982, innovating patient care and inspiring hundreds of similar efforts globally.

The Gerotech Incubator Program is part of the Johns Hopkins Human Aging Project.

As diagnostic and treatment options continue to evolve, obstructive hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is best managed by a team of experienced clinical specialists, like the multidisciplinary team at the Johns Hopkins Medicine.

Zeshan Ahmad, Johns Hopkins’ director of complex cardiac ablations for the National Capital Region, is among few in the mid-Atlantic region to perform certain procedures that improve atrial fibrillation and other arrhythmias.

A Career Celebrated - 01/18/2023

New research provides evidence that socially influenced factors may affect racial disparities for pregnant women.

Wilmer faculty and trainees are working to expand the ophthalmology pipeline for those who are underrepresented in medicine.

Wilmer board member Jo Merlau knew about the wonderful happenings at Wilmer. As a lifelong marketing professional, she recognized the need to tell the broader world about them.

'Like a Miracle' - 01/12/2023

Bill Roeting’s head pain took him on a long and arduous journey — ultimately landing him at Wilmer, where a team of our doctors found the solution to his life-threatening medical mystery.

An eye injury led Wilmer doctors to an alarming diagnosis — and ultimately a path to saving a young man’s vision and his life.

Wilmer celebrates a newly renovated and expanded Residents Workroom at the Patient Access Center for the Eye (PACE) clinic.

A team approach helped address ‘a perfect storm’ of problems for Howard Freedman, who established a fellowship at Wilmer aimed at helping more people like him.

Gislin Dagnelie and his team are using technology to help patients better compensate for visual field loss that can accompany stroke.

How does a malfunctioning thyroid gland wreak havoc on the eyes? Fatemeh Rajaii is focused on finding out.

A National Resource - 01/11/2023

Meghan Berkenstock is leading efforts to establish standards of care for patients experiencing ocular side effects from immunotherapy.

A new medication is a game changer for patients who suffer from thyroid eye disease.

Cathy Taylor, Wilmer’s residency program coordinator for more than 15 years, is remembered as the ‘beating heart’ of Wilmer’s residency program.

The night shift nursing professional development specialist provides guidance to newer night shift nurses.

After Dr. Wilmer saved her vision, Aida Breckinridge raised funds to establish the Wilmer Eye Institute. A century later, her spirit lives on in the generosity of those she inspired.

Legacy of Service - 01/06/2023

Five recipients of the 2022 Martin Luther King Jr. Community Service Awards honored at Johns Hopkins’ annual MLK commemoration.

Community Adolescent Sex Education program gives students an open forum to discuss issues.

With the help of NIH funding, researchers aim to standardize the way health information is collected, in an ethical manner to solve challenges and answer questions about human disease.

Los adolescentes de origen latino se informan sobre las profesiones en el ámbito de la salud y se involucran en proyectos sociales

Fertility specialists offer full range of options for same-sex and transgender couples, as well as those who choose to be single parents.

In November, neuroscientist, Rick Huganir, Ph.D., received the highest honor awarded by the Society for Neuroscience. This month in Fundamentals, we talk with him about his prolific career which started in high school, over 30 years ago, with a goldfish experiment.

Johns Hopkins Medicine clinicians, administrators and support staff are helping patients determine what they must do to re-enroll in Medicaid or to sign up for alternative sources of health care coverage.

Welcome to Wilmer - 12/14/2022

In 2022, Wilmer Eye Institute, Johns Hopkins Medicine recruited talented clinic managers across the institute, including a former Wilmer ophthalmic technician. Let’s welcome them to Wilmer.

On Dec. 16, Jefferson Doyle, M.B.B.Ch., M.D., Ph.D., M.H.S. will present on the current state of myopia treatment as part of a co-presentation on Pediatric Challenges: Myopia and Retinopathy of Prematurity at EyeCon 2022 in Marco Island, Florida.

Risheng Xu’s research aims to unravel the nature of the puzzling condition — from bench to bedside.

T.Y. Alvin Liu, M.D., an assistant professor of ophthalmology at Wilmer Eye Institute, Johns Hopkins Medicine and director of the Wilmer Precision Ophthalmology Center of Excellence, will participate in the keynote address at Ophthalmology Times’ EyeCon 2022 in Marco Island, Florida on Dec. 16.

Esen Akpek, M.D., the Bendann Family Professor of Ophthalmology at Wilmer Eye Institute, Johns Hopkins Medicine, will be participating at Ophthalmology Times’ EyeCon 2022 in Marco Island, Florida, Dec. 16.

It is critical that Suburban nurses remain satisfied with every aspect of their job, including autonomy, professional development opportunities, access to leadership, teamwork and collaboration, adequacy of resources and staffing.  A key component for measuring these variables and identifying areas for improvement is the RN satisfaction survey.

Four Suburban Hospital nursing units have introduced standardized safety huddle meetings aimed at improving communications and streamlining day-to-day complexities. Using a large whiteboard, each unit tracks nursing-sensitive indicators.

Finding, growing and retaining top talent, and empowering staff to build upon our incredible culture and expertise, is a key priority at Suburban Hospital. Nowhere is this truer than among our passionate and committed nursing staff.

At Johns Hopkins Medicine in the National Capital Region, our purpose is to serve patients with extraordinary clinical care, advance our knowledge of illness and wellness and invest in people to create a healthier, vibrant, more equitable community. We are fortunate to have through our team members the capabilities, compassion and talent to deliver high-quality care to everyone we serve.

At a time when it’s more important than ever to attract, retain and support nurses, Suburban Hospital offers a wealth of professional development programs aimed at making sure nurses have opportunities to learn and grow throughout their careers.   

Not long ago, very sick patients or those recovering from surgery were told to rest as much as possible. Now, studies show that increased mobility correlates with shorter hospital stays, fewer readmissions and decreased risk of falls.

The reduction in staff typical of any hospital during the night shift means there are fewer people around to help newer nurses as they refine their clinical skills. Suburban’s answer to this challenge was to create a new post: the night shift nursing professional development specialist.

In January 2022, LeighAnn Sidone, Chief Nursing Officer and Vice President of Nursing at Suburban Hospital, expanded the scope of her responsibilities to serve in the concurrent role of Associate Chief Nurse Executive for Nursing Professional Practice for the Johns Hopkins Health System.

Suburban recently launched a Diabetes Self-Management Training program to help people living with diabetes better manage their condition. This American Diabetes Association-accredited program uses a combination of in-person and telemedicine appointments to teach people the skills necessary for managing their diabetes.

In the Spotlight - 12/10/2022

Suburban nurses are recognized as outstanding clinicians that provide the highest quality care for patients and their families. National and local award recognitions, publications in peer-reviewed journals, and presentations at society meetings and conferences allow us to exchange innovative ideas and share our experiences with colleagues.

Each year, the Suburban Hospital Foundation provides more than $450,000 in funding support for critical nursing to ensure Suburban’s educated and professional nursing staff continue to deliver the very best patient- and family-centered care with a personalized and comforting touch. 

The trial will determine the safety and efficacy for people with postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome of a drug that blocks antibody production and decreases autoantibodies.

These tiny purple bubbles are called extracellular vesicles. When cells release them, it’s like a window into the cell’s contents.

Johns Hopkins orthopaedic surgeons perform reverse total shoulder arthroplasty for an assortment of complex shoulder ailments, with good outcomes.

The first pharmacological treatment for “water on the brain” could be on the horizon.

Via collaboration among surgeons and gastroenterologists, Johns Hopkins patients receiving combined transoral incisionless fundoplication, or cTIF, could see better results compared with traditional treatments.

Physicians and scientists within the institution bolster understanding in both fields, with the aim of enhancing patient care.

Annual holiday tradition resumes at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center.

Latino teens explore health care careers and get involved in community outreach

The former investment management executive says his clinical experience was “tiptop,” and the nurse he had was “absolutely fabulous.”

Cell biologist Andrew Ewald is known for his discoveries in how breast cancer cells spread through the body at the cellular level. With a year as department director under his belt, we spoke with Ewald about his first year and the future of cancer metastasis research.

Surgeon Ada Graham says her mission is to tailor each treatment plan to meet the individual goals of her patients, so they can get back to enjoying food, travel and life.

Johns Hopkins University joins Baltimore City Public Schools, the Baltimore City Health Department and vision care provider Warby Parker to advance health and education equity.

The North American Fetal Therapy Network names the center’s team among the most adept at comprehensive and complex treatments.

Johns Hopkins researchers are studying otolaryngology-related surgery for patients with achondroplasia, how COVID-19 affects infant hearing screening and more.

Wilmer Eye Institute, Johns Hopkins Medicine optometrists Katharine Funari, O.D., M.P.H., and Kelly Seidler, O.D., recently completed the American Academy of Optometry Clinical Investigator Certification Program.

Visions for Baltimore, a partnership between Wilmer Eye Institute, Johns Hopkins Medicine, and other partner organizations reach a noteworthy milestone.

Johns Hopkins Health System employees receive mental, emotional and spiritual support as they cope with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Interim dean and CEO says JHM is “strong and getting stronger.”

Founders’ Circle - 11/11/2022

Partnerships with donors make discoveries possible. Thank you to those who have committed $500,000 or more to The Patrick C. Walsh Prostate Cancer Research Fund.

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