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Neuroplastic Surgery for Skull Infections

Before and after shot of a young male patient who had a prominent dent in his skull before surgery.Before and After: Cranioplasty following traumatic brain injury

To access the brain, neurosurgeons temporarily remove a piece of bone from the skull. After it’s put back in place with plates and screws, the bone may become infected and/or broken down and absorbed by the body. This complication, while rare, is dangerous and requires specialized expertise to fix. Neuroplastic surgeons, who receive advanced training in scalp and skull care, are uniquely qualified to treat these infections and repair any resulting deformity. Our goal is to identify the exact cause of the skull infection and then prepare an individualized treatment plan, which may involve one or a series of staged surgeries.

If the original bone needs to be replaced, our neuroplastic surgeons can design and insert custom implants that fit seamlessly with the contour of your head.


Neuroplastic Treatment Team for Skull Infections

  • Chad Gordon, D.O.

    Director, Neuroplastic and Reconstructive Surgery

    Dr. Gordon
  • Carla Bes, MSHS, PA-C

    Certified Physician Assistant

    Carla Bes
  • Sheila Hobbs

    Neuroplastic Surgery Coordinator

     Sheila Hobbs
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