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Neuroplastic Surgery for Scalp Wounds

Prominent or poorly healing scalp wounds can significantly affect your health and appearance, and may expose your skull and brain to infection. Often acquired through surgery, these wounds require specialized care from a scalp expert who can safely and effectively manipulate the scalp. This eliminates the need for a more complex procedure like free flap surgery, which is a longer, more invasive operation.

To adequately address the wound and guard against any possible complications in this delicate region, rely on the unique scalp expertise of a neuroplastic surgeon.


Neuroplastic Treatment Team for Scalp Wounds

  • Chad Gordon, D.O.

    Director, Neuroplastic and Reconstructive Surgery

    Dr. Gordon
  • Carla Bes, MSHS, PA-C

    Certified Physician Assistant

    Carla Bes
  • Sheila Hobbs

    Neuroplastic Surgery Coordinator

     Sheila Hobbs
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