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Neuroplastic Surgery for Skull Deformity and Headaches After Craniotomy

All patients deserve to look and feel their best — no matter what procedure they undergo. For those recovering from a craniotomy, the plates and screws used to repair the skull can cause discomfort, headaches and visible deformities.

Designed to preserve form and function, neuroplastic surgical techniques such as revision cranioplasty offer results that are more comfortable and less noticeable than traditional neurosurgery. Procedures may include removal of hardware, replacement of hardware, or implantation of improved materials with a lower profile.


Neuroplastic Treatment Team for Complications Following Craniotomy

  • Chad Gordon, D.O.

    Director, Neuroplastic and Reconstructive Surgery

    Dr. Gordon
  • Carla Bes, MSHS, PA-C

    Certified Physician Assistant

    Carla Bes
  • Sheila Hobbs

    Neuroplastic Surgery Coordinator

     Sheila Hobbs
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