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Neurology and Neurosurgery

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ALS Assessment

The mission of this software is to provide physicians and scientists with a tool that records useful patient information garnered by sensors, with games (motor and cognitive activities) coupled with the sensors, and with the capacity to then upload the information to a cloud based storage server, which can then be accessed by clinicians and researchers to learn more about ALS. Game design will involve intuiting useful types of motion-based input that could potentiallyreveal clues to the onset, progression, and characterization of disease. Compelling experiences will be crafted to promote adherence.

Games will come with variants that promote and record fine motor control with or without cognitive components. Data will be uploaded to a database under the Microsoft Azure program. An interface and protocol will be developed for clinicians to initiate the program by patient ID. Software architecture for IRB/consent forms will also be developed for secure transmission.

Game design will require that the team be provided with physician-supervised clinical observation of the anticipated spectrum of ALS patients involved in the study. We anticipate a 4 month development timeline starting from initial patient observation to the development of 8 customized software components. This includes 3 fully completed games and a variety of simpler tasks. The components will integrate to form an ALS platform that can be deployed on multiple mobile devices. The platform will be constructed as an end-to-end solution with modular expansion for new games and tasks.