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Neurology and Neurosurgery

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Acute and Chronic Stroke Rehabilitation

We continue our mission to develop software and hardware for acute and chronic stroke rehabilitation. Games are designed to encourage dynamic, non-task specific, continuous movements which are then mapped into physics based creature and vehicle dynamics. User input can come from a variety of trackers and/or sensors, which may include supportive assistance. Game designs will include large exploratory or physics-based environments, with unique challenges and multi-dimensional interactivity.

Development for 2017 will involve a deeper variety of spherical controlled movement games including exploration and other objectivesoutside of dogfighting. In addition, we will develop new planar control games, with rich, level-based, interactive physicsenvironments. Customized hardware peripherals are under development for use as input and supportive devices. We intend toaddress multiple stages of the stroke rehabilitation pipeline, including experiences catered to in-patient, out-patient, and at-homerehabilitation, both acute and chronic.

Multiplayer support for patient-therapist, and patient-family interaction will also be developed.