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Project RESTORE Athletic Team (PRAT) Gearing Up for Another Triathlon

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Project RESTORE Athletic Team (PRAT) Gearing Up for Another Triathlon

Project RESTORE Athletic Team (PRAT) Gearing Up for Another Triathlon
Author: Steve Moritz

Many patients of the Johns Hopkins Neurology department, in partnership with Hopkins faculty and staff, participated together for the first time as the Project RESTORE Athletic Team (PRAT) in May of 2009. The goals for the PRAT team were twofold: first, to raise awareness and funds on behalf of Project RESTORE, and second, to provide inspiration and motivation for all participating athletes (patients and Hopkins staff) to train for athletic competition. A team of 40 people formed multiple relay teams to participate and have fun together at the Cascade Lake Triathlon. The event was a huge success by any measurement and numerous athletic competitions have been completed since, including additional triathlons, duathlons and road races.

The team is coming together once again to participate at the Baltimore Triathlon Sprint Relay on Sunday, September 30th. This sprint relay includes three legs: a 750 meter swim, a 13.8 mile bike ride and a 5K run. We are looking for patients, faculty members and their families who can participate in any of these legs. You need not be worried about your time or how fast you swim, bike or walk/run. Being fast is not our purpose.  Finishing together is. We hope to once again inspire patients and those who serve and support them to compete and raise funds for Project RESTORE.

What to do if you are interested? Contact Steve Moritz at 443-865-7713 or Steve is a patient of the Neurology Department and also on the Project RESTORE Board of Ambassadors and will help with registration, team assembly and additional information for those interested in participating, volunteering or fundraising. If you’d like to learn more about the Baltimore Triathlon, please visit this link: mailto: If interested, DO NOT register on the site as we will do this on your behalf (including the use of a $15 off discount code for Hopkins participants).

So, why not give it a try? With five months to start planning or training, let this event be just the motivation you need to exercise just a little bit more than normal. We’ve had so much fun together when participating in past years and we expect the same this time around.  Give it a “Tri” (pun intended)!