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From the Directors' Corner

Dear Patients and Families,

Pituitary tumors are common intracranial tumors, occurring in as many as 10% of adults. Although they are typically benign, they can cause significant health problems. The impact on patients’ lives and their families is what we take very seriously.

We hope you find this web site informative and useful to understand potential causes, diagnosis, and treatment options for patients with pituitary disorders. We also hope you experience the enthusiasm and engagement we have for our work, and our commitment to improving your quality of life.We believe that the integrated nature of the Johns Hopkins Pituitary Tumor Center — where the expertise of multiple physicians involved in the care of pituitary tumors work together — is the best way to develop an optimal course of treatment.

Our group is dedicated to finding the best diagnosis and treatment plan considering the diagnosis, patients’ age and overall health status. We are also testing new medications, and concentrating on the discovery of genetic causes that place some people at higher risk of developing pituitary tumors.

With warm wishes,

Roberto Salvatori, MD, Medical Director


Johns Hopkins Pituitary Center Patient Luncheon 2010

Patients who were treated at The Johns Hopkins Pituitary Center share their stories during the annual Pituitary Center Patient Luncheon, with Johns Hopkins neurosurgeons and endocrinologists.

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