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Research Projects

The dedicated group of researchers brings exceptional multidisciplinary expertise to research. Their studies’ findings will lead to better patient outcomes through improved diagnosis, individualized treatment, and recovery for patients who have suffered from stroke and other cerebrovascular conditions.

To learn more about our current cerebrovascular clinical trials, please visit The Johns Hopkins Institute for Clinical and Translational Research (ICTR) and enter "cerebrovascular" in the search box.


Research by: Dr. Argye Hillis, Director, Cerebrovascular Division of Neurology

Summary: Following a stroke, an individual may experience speech, language, cognitive, or emotional problems. Dr. Hillis’s current research aims to improve the understanding of how language and other cognitive functions are represented and carried out in the brain, how they recover after injury, and how understanding these processes can contribute to evaluation and treatment of stroke and dementia. Specifically, current research studies include the following:

Stroke Cognitive Outcome and Recovery (SCORE)

Research by: Dr. Rebecca Gottesman, Associate Professor of Neurology

Summary: Studies include the cognitive impacts of stroke and other vascular disease, both in the short-term and long-term, and on the association between vascular disease and dementia (including Alzheimer's disease). Learn more.

Research by: Dr. Rafael Llinas, Associate Professor of Neurology

Summary: Dr. Llinas’ research focuses on the treatment of acute stroke and other problems with the blood vessels supplying the brain. He is currently involved in two major trials: a study comparing carotid stenting to carotid endarterectomy in patients who have significant carotid disease and are at high risk for surgery (ACT-1); and a trial of deferiprone, a medication used to treat superficial siderosis, a rare but devastating condition where blood products (hemosiderin) clump on the surface of the brain, spinal cord, and nerves, resulting in deafness, unsteadiness, and weakness. The studies include the following:

Research by: Dr. Elisabeth Marsh, Associate Professor of Neurology

Summary: Intracerebral hemorrhage, or bleeding in the brain, is a devastating neurological event. Hemorrhages can be large (hemorrhagic stroke), often occurring in people with high blood pressure, and resulting in disability or death in up to 50% of cases; or tiny (cerebral microbleeds), leading to progressive problems with thinking and memory. Dr. Marsh’s research focuses on identifying the modifiable risk factors that are most closely associated with intracerebral hemorrhage, with the long-term goal of targeting ‘at risk’ patients for prevention. The studies include the following:

Research by: Dr. Victor Urrutia, Director, The Johns Hopkins Hospital Stroke Center

Summary: Dr. Urrutia’s research includes multiple clinical trials of acute stroke treatment. These are focused on testing new treatments for acute stroke patients, including the application of IV tPA to new patient groups ("wake up" stroke patients), new thrombolytic agents ("clot busting" medications), and new models of delivery of acute stroke care. Learn about current clinical trials.

Other research efforts include studying the impact and methods of community education and screening for stroke risk factors in the Northeast Market Project, The Johns Hopkins Stroke Center Community Outreach Program, and studying the impact of a new secondary stroke prevention delivery model, as well as interventions to reduce recurrence and enhance recovery in stroke patients.  

Learn about the Stroke Prevention and Recovery Clinic.

Research by: Dr. Steven Zeiler, Assistant Professor of Neurology

Learn about the Zeiler Stroke Recovery Laboratory.

Study suggests physical and pharmacological solutions for human stroke victims

Learn more about our Clinical Studies.

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