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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to set up an appointment?

Please see How to make an appointment. In brief, we need your recent clinic notes, recent radiology reports and actual scans (preferably on a CD) and a completed questionnaire. After review, we will setup the appointment along with any additional imaging studies that may be needed on the day of the appointment.

How long does it take to get an appointment?

After we receive all the above information, a physician reviews it to determine if additional studies are needed during your visit. This information review can take up to 7 days. If we determine that several other tests need to be scheduled in addition to the clinic visit (MRI’s, shunt patency studies, lumbar punctures, ICP monitoring, extended CSF drainage), coordinating all appointments so that they are accomplished in a single visit, can take longer.

We offer rapid access to new patient referrals with a short waiting time of 3-4 weeks for routine appointments. We can see urgent appointments usually within 7-10 days if a review of clinical information dictates the need for urgent assessment.

I just had a MRI scan, why are you repeating another one?

The diagnosis and evaluation of hydrocephalus needs that optimal sequences be performed during the MRI. Treatment options and even diagnostic tests are influenced by findings on these sequences. If the MRI you already had is not sufficient to provide the level of detail necessary, we may repeat additional MRI Brain with special CSF flow sequences. Occasionally, based on findings on your neurologic exam an MRI of your spine may also be recommended.

Will the results of all tests be available the same day we see the physician?

For some tests the results will be available the same day as your clinic visit. Some special radiology tests often require specialist review and can take up to 5 days for a final report. Certain blood tests are sent out to specialty labs and can take up to 3-4 weeks. Please call back the ordering physician to confirm the reports.

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