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Extended Bifrontal Craniotomy

What is an extended bifrontal craniotomy?

The extended bifrontal craniotomy is a traditional skull base approach used to target difficult tumors towards the front of the brain. It is based on the concept that it is safer to remove extra bone than to unnecessarily manipulate the brain.

The extended bifrontal craniotomy involves making an incision in the scalp behind the hairline and removing the bone that forms the contour of the orbits and the forehead. This bone is replaced at the end of surgery. Temporarily removing this bone allows surgeons to work in the space between and right behind the eyes without having to unnecessarily manipulate the brain.

Types of tumors treated with the extended bifrontal craniotomy:

Brain tumors that may be treated with extended bifrontal craniotomy include:

The extended bifrontal craniotomy is typically used for those tumors that are not a candidate for removal by minimally invasive approaches because of either the anatomy of the tumor, the possible pathology of the tumor or the goals of surgery.

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