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Request an Appointment


To request an appointment at the Comprehensive Brain Tumor Center, please call 410-955-6406.

Our team wants to make sure we are prepared for your visit by reserving the appropriate amount of time to meet with you and consulting with colleagues who may be able to assist.
Therefore, before we can schedule an appointment, we will need you to fax your latest MRI reports and referrals (if necessary) to 410-630-7865.

We would prefer that you don’t send the original films to us in advance. It is, however, helpful for you to bring those to your scheduled appointment.

After we receive your information, one of our team members will review your records and call you to schedule an appointment.

Why choose Johns Hopkins for Brain Tumor Treatment?

Jon Weingart, MD, discusses why patients should consider Johns Hopkins Medicine. Dr Weingart is a neurosurgeon and professor of Neurological Surgery and Oncology at Johns Hopkins Medicine.

 You may direct additional questions or follow up to 410-955-6406.

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