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Letter of Intent

To begin the grant process, young investigators* are asked to submit a one to two page “Letter of intent” summarizing the proposed project. Based on the Letters of Intent, the Musculoskeletal P&F Grant Review Committee will prioritize the projects and invite 5 page grant applications from those most meritorious.

[* Young investigator is defined as an individual with a faculty appointment at the level of Instructor or higher. While preference will be given to faculty below the level of Associate Professor, faculty at the Associate or full Professor level must provide evidence that this application represents a new area of research that has not received R01 funding.]

Please submit a letter of intent and a brief (NIH format) biosketch including faculty status and related grant support to Letters of Intent should contain a summary of at least the following items:

  • Brief overview of specific aims
  • Summary of proposed research design/approach
  • What is innovative about this project
  • Expected significance of the project for the musculoskeletal community

Due Date: July 15, 2016

Letter Of Intent Review Process

The Letters of Intent will be reviewed by members of the Musculoskeletal P&F Grant Review Committee. The primary focus of this committee is to evaluate the Letters of Intent and determining whether to invite a grant application using the following, but not exclusive, criteria:

  1. The ability of the Principal Investigator to complete the project successfully.
  2. The potential for the project to provide valuable and accurate insight into an important topic area regarding musculoskeletal research.
  3. The likelihood that the Project would not receive funding from NIH without pilot data
  4. The likelihood that the project will to lead to NIH funding.
  5. The time and budget required are reasonable given the scope of the research and its potential significance.

Maximum Single Grant Allowed: $30,000 per year
Maximum Length of Grant: Two year (the second year funding contingent on competitive review)

The Musculoskeletal P&F funding may be used for technical support, supplies, equipment, and appropriate travel. No salary support will be provided for the Principal Investigator.

Please submit electronic copy to: