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Charache, Patricia, M.D.

Patricia Charache, M.D.

Director, Quality Assessment and Outcomes Research Programs
Professor of Pathology, Medicine, and Oncology  

Joint appointment Molecular Microbiology and Immunology 

Education, Training and Previous Experience:

  • M.D., New York University School of Medicine
  • Fellowships and Research Training: University of Pennsylvania, The Johns Hopkins and Harvard University Schools of Medicine
  • Director, Medical Microbiology Division, 22 years; Deputy Director, Pathology, 3 years; Program Director of Quality Assessment and Outcomes Research Programs

The Johns Hopkins Hospital
Carnegie 469B
Baltimore, MD 21287-8012

Phone: 410-955-5775
Fax: 410-614-7986

Professional Interests:

Quality improvement in microbiology, genetics, and other laboratory sciences; Virology, molecular technology, microbiology in developing countries. 

Research interests include studies concerned with improvement of accuracy of diagnosis using advancing technologies in microbiology, genetics, and other laboratory sciences.  Interests also include studies of approaches to education of clinical users, now unaware of new knowledge and diagnostic approaches available through interactive information exchange. 

Other major concerns involve development of and outcomes studies pertaining to new diagnostics for respiratory pathogens, emphasizing myobacterial and viral pathogens as well as bacterial agents, and studies involving research programs in developing countries. 

Notable Accomplishments:

Contributed to the development of tests and procedures including those associated with molecular virologic tests, agar dilution and speciation technologies, special antibiotic testing applications.  Developed strategies for improving utilization of microbiologic resources; assisted in the development of bacteriology, mycobacteriology and virology laboratories including those in developing countries.  Developed quality assurance and performance improvement and other management programs for microbiology laboratories. 

Major Professional Leadership:

  • Former member: CLIAC & CLIAC Genetics Working Groups; Secretary’s Committee on Genetic Testing
  • Former Chairman, Bacteriology Advisory Committee ATTC, and Former President of the Maryland ASM
  • Fellow, American Academy of Microbiology and Fellow, Infectious Diseases Society of America
  • Current Observer: NCCLS Area Committee for Microbiology, Antibiotics Subcommittee and Laboratory
  • Quality Assurance Committee, Molecular Testing  Area Committee, Antibiotic Subcommittee,
  • Advisor, area committee on Laboratory Quality Assurance
  • Consultant: FDA (Past Chair, Microbiology Advisory Committee)
  • Member: CDC working groups:  Quality Institute, Genetics, Proficiency testing,  & Rare diseases
  • International consultant for Developing Countries thru NIH, National Academy of Sciences, CDC and others

Recent Publications:

Author of over 100 publications in fields related to Laboratory Sciences and Microbiology 

Echavarria M, Forman M, Van Tol Maarten JD, Vossen JM, Charache P, Kroes ACM.  Prediction of severe disseminated adenovirus infection by serum PCR. Lancet. 358:384-85, 2001.

Arav-Boger R, Echavarria M, Forman M, Charache P, Persaud D. Clearance of adenoviral hepatitis with ribavirin therapy in a pediatric liver transplant recipient. Pediatr Infect Dis J. 19:1097-100, 2000.

Echavarria MS, Ray SC, Ambinder R, Dumler JS, Charache P. PCR Detection of Adenovirus in a Bone Marrow Transplant Recipient: Hemorrhagic Cystitis as a Presenting Manifestation of Disseminated Disease. J Clin Microbiol. 37:686-689, 1999.

Kelen GD, Shahan JB, Charache P, Quinn TC and the Project Educate Work Group, Emergency Department Based HIV Screening and Counseling Experience with Rapid and Standard Serologic Testing. Ann Emerg Med. 33:1147-55, 1999. 

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