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Sub-Specialty Research

Below are examples of research topics studied by each of our divisions.

researcher in the lab

Allergy and Clinical Immunology

Research focus: peripheral nervous system in healthy and inflamed tissue; nerve inflammation interactions; airway refluxes; mechanisms of signal transduction; genetic epidemiology; gene environment and functional genetics; medical product and environmental allergy testing; urticaria and angioedema; primary immunodeficiency diseases (PID)

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nurse watching a patient's vitals


Research focus: cardiac imaging; electrophysiology and arrhythmia; myocardial and heart failure; preventive cardiology and cardiovascular epidemiology; regenerative biology

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Chemical Dependence

Research focus: attitudes toward patients with addiction; buprenorphine treatment; clinical excellence; contingency management; integrated HIV and hepatitis C treatment

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Clinical Pharmacology

Research focus: anti-HIV pharmacology; anti-infective pharmacology; anti-malarial pharmacology; anti-TB pharmacology; anti-trypanosome pharmacology; hospital system drug utilization

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test tubes of blood


Research focus: adrenal glands; endocrine bone disease; diabetes mellitus; reproductive endocrinology; metabolism; parathyroid; pituitary and hypothalamus glands; thyroid

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two researchers exam results on a computer


Research focus: early detection of pancreatic cancer; extracellular matrix (ECM) biology; GI biomarkers; inflammatory bowel disease and autoimmune liver diseases; inflammatory bowel disease genetics

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doctor reviewing an x-ray with a patient

General Internal Medicine

Research focus: bioethics; cancer; cardiovascular disease; chronic kidney disease; depression and other mental illness; diabetes mellitus; health disparities; HIV/AIDS; hypertension; medical education; obesity; pharmacoepidemiology; substance abuse

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two elderly researchers in the lab discussing


Research focus: biology of healthy aging; aging and health (COAH); health services; older Americans independence

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blood cells


Research focus: aplastic anemia; sickle cell disease; myeloproliferative disorders; thrombotic disorders; blood diseases in young adults; venous thromboembolism; hematologic malignancies; hemophilia and other coagulation disorders

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a group of researchers around a microscope


Research focus: histocompatibility/transplantation immunology; autoimmune diseases and other relationships between the immune system and genetics

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researcher in a hazmat suite holding a test tube

Infectious Diseases

Research focus: AIDS; antibiotic management and resistance; environmental infectious diseases; hospital epidemiology and infection control; microbiome; sexually transmitted diseases and infections; transplant and oncology infectious diseases; tuberculosis; viral hepatitis

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purple test tube among others

Molecular Medicine

Research focus: epigenetic cause of human disease; epigenetics of cancer; addressing chance in the genome using mathematics; The Twins Study

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nurse discussing test results with two patients


Research focus: glomerulonephritis; polycystic kidney disease; retroperitoneal fibrosis; kidney stones; HIV infection and kidney disease; secondary hypertension; thrombotic microangiopathy; lupus

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three doctors examine an xray of someone's chest

Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine

Research focus: acute lung injury/sepsis/critical care; adherence research; asthma; auto-immunity; COPD; cystic fibrosis; environmental exposures; epithelial biology; global health; health care disparities; HIV-related pulmonary disease; interstitial lung disease; interventional pulmonology; lung and airway mechanics; lung transplantation; mucosal immunology; pulmonary hypertension; respiratory failure associated with ALS and other neuromuscular disorders; sarcoidosis; sleep disordered breathing; vascular biology

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xray of a knee


Research focus: arthritis; scleroderma; vasculitis; general rheumatology; Sjogren’s syndrome; myositis; lupus; lyme disease; flow cytometry; bioassay

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