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Wellness and Benefits

Hear From Our Residents 

The Osler Life

The Osler Medical Residency recruits residents across the globe with different backgrounds, interests, and goals. Many come for the first-rate clinical instruction, but stay for the sense of community and belonging that comes quickly as interns and carries through completion of the program and beyond.

Diversity & Inclusion

Each year, the Osler Medical Residency strives to become more diverse than the year before. Residents and faculty share their experiences with diversity both within the program and Hopkins, as well as reflecting on how far we've come, and what we can do to promote diversity and inclusion in the future.

The Firm System

The Osler Medical Residency uses the Firm System to divide the large program into four smaller groups led by an Assistant Chief of Service (ACS). Affectionately likened to "Harry Potter houses," the firms help create a sense of camaraderie among residents and faculty leaders.



All About Baltimore 

Why We Love Baltimore

There is a lot to love about Baltimore: sprawling parks, top-notch restaurants, a budding art scene. Hear from residents from the Osler Medical Residency about what made them fall in love with their new home.

  • Visiting Baltimore

    Planning a visit for interviews, campus tours or Second Look Weekend? Start here.

    A view of the Inner Harbor in Baltimore.
  • Living in Baltimore

    A collection of resources for those moving to and living in Baltimore.

    A line of Baltimore rowhouses.
  • Campus Life

    Here are some useful links for managing your day-to-day life on the School of Medicine campus.

    Students walk around the East Baltimore campus.
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