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Noon Conference

noon conference

Noon conference is a time for interns and residents to gather together for a meal and to learn about core topics in internal medicine. This daily hour long session utilizes a number a didactic formats including:

  • clinical talks by experts in their field
  • debates between master clinicians on controversial clinical topics
  • morbidity and mortality conference
  • history of medicine talks

Since the pandemic, we deliver our lectures using Zoom. This allows for participation from any location. We also record and save our lectures for asynchronous viewing.

Fireside Chats

We host chats using Zoom three to four times per week. These immediately follow noon conference and are thematic. For example, every Monday is a chat with the Program Director. During COVID-19, every Friday was reserved for a Q&A with our Hospital Infection Control leadership. These are always based on suggested topics from our residents.  

Case Oriented Report (COR)

Case Discussion

As part of our ambulatory curriculum, 2 mornings per week, interns and residents present cases they have encountered on the wards and in clinic. Case discussion by residents on their ambulatory block focuses on crafting a problem representation and differential diagnosis. Faculty, including our Assistant Chiefs of Service, facilitate. The discussion is designed to build reasoning skills using established structures and principles of adult learning theory. Furthermore, the key learning points and related references are captured daily on an online platform to share with other housestaff.

Firm Faculty Teaching Rounds

Every Tuesday a Firm Faculty member will facilitate a small group teaching session for the housestaff.

Osler Grand Rounds

Once a month, a resident presents a mystery case to the housestaff and faculty. That resident’s ACS leads a discussion that inspires and emphasizes the importance of diagnostic reasoning. In this format, residents and faculty will be asked to share their thought process as the case unfolds. A number of experts (e.g., pathologists, radiologists, internal medicine subspecialists) will interpret data and teach at various stages of the clinical problem solving exercise.

Firm Grand Rounds

On the last Wednesday of every month, each Firm gathers (currently using ZOOM) to discuss two cases. A senior resident will present one case from the "O" and a Firm Faculty member will present a case from their practice. This is a valuable opportunity for the residents and the Firm Faculty to learn from and get to know each other.

Medicine Grand Rounds

Every Friday morning, the department hosts Medical Grand Rounds, where faculty members from Johns Hopkins and from around the world present clinical cases and discuss leading-edge topics in the biomedical sciences. The Assistant Chiefs of Service also present the weekly “Image of Osler” from the O to illustrate an interesting finding and discuss its historical importance. A unique feature of our Grand Rounds each session has two speakers during the hour, each synthesizing their messages into 30 minutes.  These sessions are also recorded and viewable asynchronously.

Subspecialty Grand Rounds

While on elective rotations, housestaff may attend weekly subspecialty grand rounds in the field of their interest. This is an excellent opportunity to learn more about a potential career path and to meet leaders in their field of interest.

Journal Club

Occurs monthly and includes clinical and basic science topics. Residents pair with faculty members to review an article. The residents then lead a discussion of the article with the housestaff.

Tumulty Rounds

A monthly case presentation by a primary care physician with their patient present.  The faculty member leads the housestaff through the patient’s history and relevant exam. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn the true privilege and power of primary care, and the meaningfulness of the relationships primary care physicians have with their patients.  This occurs monthly with the housestaff and faculty.

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