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Messages from Dr. Sanjay Desai

Welcome from Dr. Sanjay Desai

Dr. Sanjay Desai, former director of the Osler Medical Residency, invites you to learn more about the program with this series of informational videos.

The Firm System

The greatest strength of our program is the Firm System. It is the structure by which we do everything. Interns are sorted into firms at the start of the program, and it becomes a part of their identity even as alumni.

Learning Environment

At the very base of our learning environment is collegiality. Here, everyone is a learner. Our goal is to help you transition from a student to a professional who never stops learning.

Clinical Skills

One of the goals of the curriculum of the Osler Medical Residency is that each person completes the program as an outstanding physician. We do this with ownership. Interns have ownership of patients, giving them hands-on experience right from the start.

The Pathways Program

We have created formal pathways to cultivate interest, develop skills, receive mentorship, and promote career development for our residents during their internal medicine training. Our premise is that early and meaningful exposure to the tremendous resources and mentors across our health system and university will develop our residents into the world-class leaders they aspire to become.

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