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Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease Clinical Research Center

The Lyme Disease Research Center is the first research center of its kind founded in a major Department of Medicine in the United States. The Center is unique in it’s focus on the entire range of illness manifestations related to Lyme diseases including late manifestations such as arthritis and post-treatment Lyme disease syndrome. The Lyme Disease Research Center is committed to the development of accurate diagnostic tests for all stages of Lyme disease, the study of new treatment options and the education of the general public of this disease.

The goal of our research center is to understand the interaction of infection and immunity in Lyme disease. These fundamental processes are central in our objective to discover an improved blood test that will allow for a more accurate diagnosis of Lyme disease. These newly discovered tests will can also the potential to measure progression or relapse of the disease and allow us to test patients to see if they are cured. They will also allow us to develop new treatments for Lyme disease and its varied manifestations.


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Lyme disease makes hundreds of thousands of people sick every year; it is the most commonly reported tick-borne infection in the United States.


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