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Why choose Johns Hopkins for pancreatic cancer treatment?

If you or a loved one has received a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, the experts at Johns Hopkins Medicine will go as far as it takes to treat your complex condition, at every point of your journey. That’s the Promise of Medicine at Johns Hopkins.

Experience Matters

Our internationally recognized physicians and researchers are dedicated to delivering state-of-the-art treatment planning and innovative, expert care to our patients.

Only at Johns Hopkins will patients benefit from surgery performed by doctors who have pioneered some of the most advanced and effective techniques for pancreatic cancer surgery and treatment.

One of the most renowned pancreatic surgeons in the world, John Cameron, M.D., led a team of Johns Hopkins colleagues to significantly improve the Whipple procedure, a complex procedure that greatly increases your chances of survival.

Today, Johns Hopkins pancreatic surgeons continue to innovate treatment options, including minimally invasive or laparoscopic surgery for certain patients with tumors in the pancreas.

Our surgeons perform a high volume of these procedures on patients from around the world and have lessened the complications during and after surgery.

We are constantly searching for new therapies and methods of early detection. Through our research, we are making advances in understanding the biology of pancreatic cancer. Our goal is to help as many patients as we can.

Johns Hopkins Surgical Oncologists Get Personal

The surgical oncology team at Johns Hopkins gets personal as they speak about their role in treating their patients and what the Promise of Medicine means to them.

Pancreatic Cancer: Joseph 'Cook' Edens III First-Person Story

Joseph ‘Cook’ Edens, III, doesn’t let pancreatic cancer get in the way of living a full life. Edens was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and underwent a Whipple procedure at The Johns Hopkins Hospital. Unfortunately, a bout of pancreatitis returned and in 2015, Dr. Christopher Wolfgang and his team performed a total pancreatectomy on Edens, removing his entire pancreas and spleen. The Arlington, Va., resident is now cancer free and is back to a busy lifestyle of work, sports and family time.