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Adult Brain Tumor Treatment Guide


The most important tool for anyone diagnosed with a brain tumor is reliable information. Begin your journey with one of the most trusted names in health care: the Johns Hopkins Comprehensive Brain Tumor Center.

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What You’ll Find in the Guide:

You’ll find information that can help you, a family member or friend through the process of dealing with a brain tumor, including:

  • Understanding your diagnosis
  • Getting a second opinion
  • Designating an advocate
  • Choosing the right care team
  • Mobilizing your family and friends
  • Evaluating treatment options
  • Participating in clinical trials
  • Optimizing your recovery

The guide also provides valuable support for you and your caregivers, with tips on working with your care team more efficiently.

Practical and straightforward, the Adult Brain Tumor Treatment Guide will help you and your caregivers navigate each step of your treatment and recovery so you can feel more confident and focus your energy on getting better.