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Liver Transplantation

Before and after a liver transplant: A, before, the diseased liver; B, after, the donor liver is in place.
Liver transplantation; A, before, diseased liver; B, after, donor liver in place

In some patients with liver cancer (hepatocellular carcinoma) and cirrhosis, the treatment of choice may be liver transplantation.

Whether a patient is a candidate for resection or transplantation depends on a number of factors including the health of your liver, as well as the extent of your liver cancer. In general, only patients with early liver cancer (small tumors and/or few masses) are candidates for liver transplantation.

Patients who are not candidates for surgery or transplantation should be considered for other forms of treatment including liver tumor ablation (radio frequency ablation, microwave ablation or ethanol ablation), intra-arterial therapies and chemotherapy.

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