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Patient Information

We have prepared the following information to help our patients prepare for their first appointments.  Patients will be working with a Liver Tumor Center Coordinator, who will guide them through this journey.  Your clinic appointment will be most efficient and productive when patients are able to send the following to the coordinator:

  • medical records
  • past images
  • pathological slides

Liver Cancer | Thelma's Story

Eight months after undergoing a successful surgery for colon cancer, Delaware resident Thelma Klase, was diagnosed with a large cancerous tumor in her liver, thought to be metastatic colon cancer. After an initial attempt at surgery failed and months of chemotherapy targeting her presumed colon cancer, Thelma and her family sought a second opinion from Matthew Weiss, a liver surgeon and surgical director of the Johns Hopkins Liver and Pancreatic Cancer Multidisciplinary Clinics.