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Lifeline: Neonatal Team Transports

Maryland Regional Neonatal Transport Program


The Maryland Regional Neonatal Transport Program began over 25 years ago.  The first neonatal transport team was developed at City Hospital (Francis Scott Key and now Johns Hopkins Bayview). Through the years the participation of various hospitals has changed.  The participation of Johns Hopkins Hospital and University of Maryland Medical System dates back to 1981. The oversight for the program was also provided by the state of Maryland via the Maryland Institute of Emergency Medical Services Systems (MIEMSS) from 1981-1996. In 1997, the Maryland Regional Neonatal Transport Program became a joint partnership between Johns Hopkins Hospital and University of Maryland Medical System with oversight by the respective hospitals.

The team is staffed by Neonatal Nurse Practitioners/Transport Nurses and specially trained medics.  Each institution provides staff, equipment and additional resources to provide for the function of the team.  Hospital staff includes neonatal transport nurses/nurse practitioners and a shared coordinator. The ambulance vendor provides the dedicated EMT staff.

There is a rotating schedule between the hospitals, developed a year in advance. The schedule is completed by the transport nurses/nurse practitioners to ensure equal distribution of weekends, holidays, etc...

The Maryland Regional Neonatal Transport Program (MRNTP) performs over 700 transports on an annual basis. The program is an essential service for the neonatal community within the State of Maryland for multiple types of transports.  Approximately 30 referral hospitals utilize the service.  Two specially designed ambulances are dedicated to the team on a 24/7 basis. Each ambulance is capable of transporting up to two neonates simultaneously.  The Maryland State Police provide helicopter support for air transports. 

As part of our outreach education program, MRNTP offers a multitude of educational/didactic offerings, preceptorship programs, self?paced individual educational programs and comprehensive multidisciplinary chart reviews are available.

Most didactic programs have been approved for continuing education credit for nurses, respiratory therapists, and pre?hospital providers.

Mission Statement

The Maryland Regional Neonatal Transport Program supports the mission statements of  University of Maryland Medical System and  Johns Hopkins Hospital to provide comprehensive care and health care education to the community by:

  • Promoting the physical health of the neonate.
  • Initiating or continuing stabilization of the sick neonate.
  • Collaborating with the multidisciplinary team in evaluating and making recommendations for treatment.
  • Acting as an advocate for neonates and their families.
  • Transporting the infant in the most safe, effective and efficient manner.
  • Promoting an understanding of neonatal problems and their management throughout the hospital, community and state through outreach education, chart reviews, lectures and workshops.