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Lifeline: Intra-Hospital Transport Program

Intra-Hospital Transport Program

The transportation of critically ill patients (Adult and Pediatric) within the hospital has became a reality, as well as a specialty within the past three years at the main Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore.  A critical care patient leaving the unit for a test or a procedure, is now assured of maintaining the same high level of care during transport that they experience in the unit itself.  Originally a pilot program, it has now flourished and grown to cover all the ICU units within Johns Hopkins, PICU and also including the ICU's within the Weinberg Building.  There are presently 21 Critical Care Units (Adult and Pediatric), Six Medicine Units (monitored beds), and the teams are available for urgent/emergency transports from the Emergency Department.  In addition, we are currently being implemented into the "Rapid Response Teams" at the Main Campus.  We have 24/7 capability for Medical Consultation with our Medical Director when needed.

Our staff can assist with or maintain virtually any monitor or machine found at the bedside during a transport.  If the device can be moved with the patient, then our staff has the training and capability to move it.  The primary advantage of this program is two-fold.  It allows the primary R.N. in the unit to stay with the other patients for which they are assigned, and still have the patient receive the same level of ICU care during the transport, test or procedure that they have had in their respective unit.

A comprehensive and effective intra-facility transport plan has been developed, encompassing coordination of the criteria for pre-transport, communication, personnel to accompany patient, specialty equipment and continuous monitoring during the entire transport process.

In-house transports
In-house transports