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Lifeline: Transport Services

Emergency workers pushing a gurney toward helicopter

Basic and Advanced Life Support
Paramedic and EMT-B level care transports

Critical Care Transports
R.N and paramedic level care transports

Fixed-Wing Transport
Transport of patients generally over a 150-mile radius from Johns Hopkins

Helicopter (Rotor-wing) Transport
Transport of emergency patients within a 150-mile radius from Johns Hopkins by helicopter

Intrahospital Transport Program
Moving ICU patients within Johns Hopkins for tests and procedures requiring critical care

Transport for Hospice Care
Bringing patients with terminal illnesses home or to a hospice facility.


Jack’s Story | A Journey Home

When Jack, a patient in the intensive care unit (ICU), made a final wish to spend his last moments at home with his family, the Lifeline team worked with ICU providers and staff members to fulfill his request. Learn more about Jack’s story and the team that helped care for him during his journey home.