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Lifeline: Mission, Vision, and Values

About Lifeline: Mission, Vision, and Values


The Johns Hopkins Lifeline Transportation Program is dedicated to the delivery of the highest level of quality care, safe, cost-effective and efficient patient transport with a commitment to professional excellence.  Lifeline offers a collaborative approach to meeting the multidimensional needs of referring physicians and their patients.


The Johns Hopkins Lifeline Transportation’s vision is to provide an environment, which promotes safe, efficient and appropriate medical transportation while achieving excellence in patient care, evidence-based research, and education.  Lifeline is an integral division in the planning, promoting, organizing, implementing and evaluating transport medicine services.


The Johns Hopkins Lifeline organization is committed to the following principals and VALUES:

  • Safety Awareness
  • Commitment to Professional and Clinical Excellence
  • Timeliness of Service
  • Expanding our Leadership, Educational and Research Role in the industry and community
  • Creating a rewarding, enriching, and challenging environment for our staff
  • Continuity of Care
  • Interdisciplinary Team Focus