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Research Pharmacy Investigational Drug Services Core

The Research Pharmacy Investigational Drug Service Core was established to support inpatient and outpatient clinical research at the Kimmel Cancer Center. This Core is fully integrated with the Weinberg Oncology Pharmacy. The Core staff collaborates closely with the Kimmel Cancer Center Clinical Research Office, disease groups, individual investigators, and the Weinberg Oncology Pharmacy clinical staff to coordinate and facilitate the development, implementation and maintenance of clinical protocols.  The Core supports clinical trials and is available to investigators and the research team for patient care services at all times.

The Core supports clinical research by:

  • collaborating with the research teams to provide protocol consultation, investigational product supply and blind investigational product supply.
  • preparing and dispensing investigational products.
  • participating in the order set development process.
  • providing investigational product management training and other services, as requested, to support the study teams.

The Core is compliant with Maryland Board of Pharmacy regulations, United States Pharmacopeia (USP) Chapter <797> pharmaceutical sterile compounding regulations and with state, federal and Johns Hopkins Medicine Institutional Review Board regulations for the conduct of research.

Michael Carducci, M.D.

Resource Director

Janet Mighty, B.S. Pharm, M.B.A.

Resource Operations Director


Phone: 410 955-8138