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Flow Cytometry and Immune Monitoring Core

The Flow Cytometry Core has offered state-of-the art cell sorting and analysis services to Kimmel Cancer Center faculty members since 1980. The Human Immunology Core was established in 2005. In 2013, the Flow Cytometry Core and Immunology Core merged and became the Flow Cytometry and Immune Monitoring Core, consolidating all immune monitoring services. The Core continues to offer the latest immune monitoring technologies to study immune and cancer cells, with the goal of developing new cancer therapies.

Cytometry services range from basic two color analyses to complex cell sorting experiments, involving up to 13 colors, training, data analysis and consultation services. Immune assays include multiplex cytokine analysis and ELISPOT/ FLUOROSPOT. The Core recently acquired two new cytometry instruments with enhanced capabilities—a BD Influx cell sorter and LSR/Fortessa cell analyzer. The BD Influx is a high-end, 13-color sorter that allows 6-way population sorting to maximize efficiency, as well as single-cell sorting into 96-well plates. The LSR/Fortessa is a high-speed analyzer that permits analysis of 16 color parameters. In addition, the Core acquired an iSPOT Spectrum (AID) instrument, the newest generation of ELISPOT/ FLUOROSPOT readers that has enhanced sensitivity and data analysis capabilities. This instrument is optimized for dual and triple color fluorescent detection and allows the simultaneous measurement of two to three cytokines at a single cell level.
These instruments significantly improve the ability to functionally characterize immune cells in cancer therapy, vaccine trials and preclinical studies.

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