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Tips to Prevent Bleeding

  • Use a soft toothbrush or toothettes with gentle brushing.
  • Do not blow your nose too hard or scratch the inside of your nose.
  • Shave with an electric razor—do not use a razor blade.
  • Do not walk barefoot. Wear slip
  • resistant footwear.
  • Be careful not to fall or bruise yourself by bumping into objects.
  • Be careful when using sharp objects such as scissors.
  • Do not push too hard while having bowel movements. We will give you stool softeners and laxatives if ordered by your doctor
  • Do not use enemas, suppositories or tampons.
  • Apply firm pressure to any area of bleeding for at least 5minutes.
  • Talk to your nurse, doctor or physical therapist about what exercises are safe for you.
  • Let your doctor or nurse know right away if you have:
    • Bleeding from any body part, that will not stop with 5 minutes of pressure
    • Headache
    • Abdominal pain
    • Dark bowel movements
    • Your menstrual period
    • Petecchiae (small, red spots on skin)
    • Bruising
    • Blood in your stools or urine