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The following videos and video series were created to provide education and information to patients, caregivers and the public about cancer.

C-Answers Video Series

C-Answers is a video series answering your questions about cancer from the faculty and staff of the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center.

Fine Print of Cancer

The Fine Print of Cancer is a video series educating patients and caregivers on topics of finances, advanced directives, hospice, caregiving, social security and more.

Walking on Eggshells

Walking on Eggshells is a caregiver's guide with practical, real-life direction on what to do and what to say when faced with [potentially life-limiting diseases.

Chemo School

Chemo School is designed to take the fear out of chemotherapy for both the patient and their caregivers. From your first steps into the chemotherapy room to receiving IVs, infusions or pills, Chemo School will educate and inform the patient who is prescribed chemotherapy.

Oral Anticancer Medicine

Oral Anticancer Medicine discusses what oral anticancer medicines are, how to safely handle them and what to do if you have side effects while taking them.

Virtual Tour

Prepare for your first visit with this step-by-step virtual tour . "Walk" through our facilities to learn more about services and programs.

Maryland Attorney General's Office - Medical Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment Forms (MOLST)

This video discusses what the Medical Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment form is, how to obtain it and why to fill it out. The MOLST is a medical order, signed by a physician, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant, which affirms your wishes in regard to a set of medical interventions related to your current medical condition.

Advanced Directives - Living Will

Maryland Attorney General's Office discusses the importance of having a advance directive and how to obtain one.

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