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Our Vision and Mission

The name Johns Hopkins has become synonymous with excellence in research and patient care.  Its science and medical programs earn more federal research dollars than any other medical institution in the country.

The Johns Hopkins University and Johns Hopkins Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center's collaboration to conquer cancer.

Since its opening in 1973, our Cancer Center has led the world in deciphering the mechanisms of cancer and new ways to treat it.  The strength of our research and treatment programs was recognized early on by the National Cancer Institute, becoming one of the first to earn comprehensive cancer center status and recognition as a “Center of Excellence.”

The Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center has active programs in clinical research, laboratory research, education, community outreach, and prevention and control. More on the NCI's Cancer Centers Program.


To accelerate the transformation of cancer care by promoting the discovery of knowledge leading to the prevention and cure of human cancers


  • Decrease mortality and morbidity from cancer, and improve the quality of life for those who have cancer
  • Excel in cutting-edge basic, translational and clinical research and in the application of fundamental knowledge to prevent and cure cancer, and to improve the diagnosis and treatment of cancer
  • Safely and compassionately provide the full range of evidence based, preventive, diagnostic, therapeutic, supportive and patient focused services to cancer patients and their families
  • Lead in cancer education of health professionals, scientists, patients and their families, and the community at large

Why Johns Hopkins

Patients who visit the Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins have access to some of the most innovative and advanced therapies in the world. Because Kimmel Cancer Center clinicians and research scientists work closely together, new drugs and treatments developed in the laboratory are quickly transferred to the clinical setting, offering patients cutting edge therapeutic options.

The Kimmel Cancer Center has a wide spectrum of specialty programs for both adults and children coping with cancer, including bone marrow transplantation (BMT) and new drug development. Additionally, those at high risk for developing breast, ovarian, colon and other cancers, may seek information about early detection, prevention and genetic counseling through a comprehensive genetics service.

We also offers complete family and patient services that include a Cancer Counseling Center, survivors and palliative care programs, and two residences for patients traveling from out-of-town to receive treatment.

The Kimmel Cancer Center furthered its commitment to excellence in patient care and research by building three facilities that enhance ongoing programs and services and promote new developments in cancer research, treatment and prevention: the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Building, the clinical care cancer facility, and the Bunting Blaustein and Koch Cancer Research Buildings, state-of-the-art cancer research and teaching buildings.