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Physician Referrals

At the Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center, we are committed to providing prompt communication and collaborating with our patients’ physicians is a top priority.

To refer an adult patient, call 410-955-8964 and press 2 when the recorded greeting begins. There will be a brief silence while your call is transferred to an appointment specialist who will collect the necessary information required to schedule an appointment for your patient.

To refer a pediatric cancer patient, call the pediatric oncology clinic at 410-955-8751 and ask to have the attending physician paged.

Additional Resources

The Hopkins Access Line (HAL) is a 24-hour, seven-days-a-week physician-only line for physician-to-physician communication, as well as hospital to hospital patient transfers. The line’s representatives have access to our physicians’ schedules and telephone and pager numbers to reach the physician promptly. To reach a representative, if you are in the Baltimore area please call 410-955-9444, or if elsewhere call 1-800-765-5447.

The Johns Hopkins Online Physician Directory  is a comprehensive online physician directory where you can find a Johns Hopkins physician by name or specialty. You can also search by location, language and gender to find a doctor that is right for your patient. You will be able to browse physicians’ education and training background, as well as areas of expertise and certification.