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Released: 04/26/22
Investigators to work with four other centers to try to intercept and cure deadly cancers
Released: 03/15/22
Study suggests new combination approach for treating aggressive subset of breast cancer more common in African American women
Released: 09/09/21
Cancer-fighting T cells from patients whose cancers responded to immunotherapy and from those whose tumors did not respond showed marked differences
Released: 07/29/21
Combination therapy could make curative surgery possible for some liver cancer patients who would normally not be considered for the surgery
Released: 04/20/21
Field of mathematics devoted to how information is measured, stored and transmitted uncovers possible key gene that spurs common childhood leukemia
Released: 04/01/21
Expands understanding of immune responses in cancer and other diseases
Released: 03/16/21
Engineered T cells can recognize and destroy cells with loss of one gene copy
Released: 03/08/21
New perspective article by Johns Hopkins researchers details theory behind physical frailty and ways to treat it
Released: 03/01/21
Offers potential to broadly expand the benefit of immunotherapies
Released: 02/11/21
Helps Guide Precision Medicine
Released: 01/14/21
Study adds context to limited knowledge of the disease
Released: 11/02/20
Mechanisms of age-related resistance revealed as new targets for treatment
Released: 09/09/20
Sessions will explore important topics related to sex and intimacy, clinical trials, the impact on mental health, and prevention and early detection
Released: 05/01/20
Experiments could lead to clinical trials of the drug, which already are FDA-approved
Released: 05/01/20
Current guidelines support first screening at age 50
Released: 04/29/20
Results show the liquid biopsy test could safely be incorporated into routine clinical care in combination with conventional screening
Released: 04/27/20
Immune “checkpoint” inhibitor treatment found useful against Merkel cell carcinoma in multicenter clinical trial
Released: 02/17/20
Researchers say findings support use in clinical trials
Released: 01/09/20
Findings from medical records study could help doctors and patients make more informed treatment decisions
Released: 10/31/19
Multi-omic investigations further demonstrates the complexity of the disease
Released: 10/22/19
Clearer understanding of lower cell replication rates in old age may have implications for preventing cancer and slowing aging
Released: 10/16/19
New molecular insights could mean more accurate prognoses and better selection of therapies
Released: 10/03/19
Researchers envision a patient-specific ‘oncology diet’ to exploit the weakness
Released: 09/25/19
Work with cultured cell line models offers potential new insights to melanoma progression via gene transcript stability and decay
Released: 09/10/19
Study reveals that E-cadherin, a molecule that allows cells to stick to each other, promotes metastasis in the most common type of breast cancer
Released: 09/05/19
Findings might help predict who will react poorly to certain therapies
Released: 08/29/19
Researchers identify key molecules for perineural invasion, a hallmark of pancreatic and other cancers
Released: 08/21/19
Study adds to research promoting careful antibiotic stewardship
Released: 07/25/19
Two FDA-approved drugs significantly extend survival time in mouse model of deadly gynecologic disease
Released: 07/24/19
Novel technology based on epigenetic alterations could shorten wait for a definitive diagnosis in resource-poor settings
Released: 06/17/19
Some deadly ovarian cancers arise from lesions genetically unrelated to each other
Released: 05/29/19
Digitized Replay:Ends on: 06/12/19 at 11:59P (TZ: Eastern) Telephone: (USA) (800) 475-6701 (International) (320) 365-3844 Access Code: 468185
Released: 05/15/19
Findings throw study results into doubt and sheds light on “reproducibility crisis”
Released: 04/11/19
Model makes use of genetic and epigenetic factors that combine to initiate disease in mouse 'organoids'
Released: 03/11/19
Depression, lack of coping strategies, availability of patient’s “emergency” resources tied to complications.
Released: 02/27/19
Mutations in a single human muscle gene tied to rare nasal/sinus cancer
Released: 02/12/19
Findings have implications for heart failure, but also for cancer, diabetes and autoimmune disorders
Released: 01/07/19
Looking at a certain protein may allow earlier diagnosis of colorectalcancer
Released: 08/29/18
New guidelines will give women over 30 years old options about screening for cervical cancer
Released: 07/31/18
Researchers diiscovered inhibiting a protein could reduce tumor burdens and enhance the effectiveness of immunotherapy treatments
Released: 06/11/18
Researchers at Johns Hopkins received a $3 million grant to better treat liver cancer
Released: 06/07/18
Cancer centers across the country endorsed the goal of eliminating cancers caused by HPV with the use of gender-neutral HPV vaccination
Released: 05/30/18
Researchers presenting at ASCO 2018 Annual Meeting
Released: 05/17/18
BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene mutations long linked to a high risk of breast cancer impact survival rates
Released: 05/15/18
Lorem Therapeutics will use support to enhance drug discovery efforts around critical cancer indications
Released: 05/14/18
Advances in efforts to improve the treatment and prognosis of colorectal cancers that have spread to the liver
Released: 05/14/18
A series of papers about a new scoring system that may help improve advanced colorectal cancer prognosis.
Released: 05/09/18
Johns Hopkins breast cancer doctor will be honored by the Baltimore Orioles as a Birdland Community Hero.
Released: 04/19/18
The award has been given to scientists who will develop open access tools that visualize, collect and analyze molecular and imaging data.
Released: 03/01/18
Johns Hopkins researchers have invented a new class of cancer immunotherapy drugs that are more effective at harnessing the power of the immune...
Released: 02/22/18
Could help refine biomarkers of cancer risk
Released: 02/21/18
In what is believed to be the largest pancreatic cancer genome-wide association study to date, researchers at the Johns Hopkins...
Released: 02/08/18
Johns Hopkins researchers report they have developed two new endoscopic probes that significantly sharpen the technology’s imaging...
Released: 01/18/18
Data collected during a long-term health study provides additional evidence for a link between increased risk of cancer in individuals...
Released: 01/18/18
Provides unique new framework for early detection of the most common cancers
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