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What to Bring

The following may be helpful in planning for a stay at The Hackerman-Patz Patient and Family Pavillion. Please keep in mind that some patients in treatment may be sensitized to strong smelling lotions, perfumes, and air fresheners.

  • Toiletries
  • DVD player or gaming console with extra long AV cords as these are not provided in rooms
  • Laundry soap is provided but should you decide to bring your own it must be High Efficiency
  • Calling card or cell phone for long distance telephone calls
  • A tote bag for important hospital papers.
  • Journal or notebook
  • Calendar or planner
  • Wireless enabled laptop
  • Plenty of snacks and beverages to store in your kitchenette
  • Your favorites from home: picture frames, pillow, blanket
  • Hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes
  • Seasonal clothing and umbrella 
  • Comfortable walking shoes

Please Do Not Bring the Following Items:

  • Candles and incense
  • Portable heaters
  • Personal valuables
  • Alcohol

Housing Referral Service - (410) 614-6527