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Qualifications and Steering Committee

Applicants with M.D. degrees who have completed at least one year of postdoctoral training toward board certification in their sub specialty and are committed to a career in academic neuro-oncology are candidates for this research fellowship Beyond those requirements we wish to make the program as flexible as possible. The goal will be to devise a program for an individual candidate which would best fit his or here individual needs. Thus a person might interrupt an organized residency to spend two or three years in research, or might obtain research training after completing the clinical requirements.

Applicants will be interviewed by several members of the Steering Committee and additional faculty members chosen by the program directors. Selection will be on the basis of merit. Individuals from minority groups are strongly encouraged to apply for this fellowship program.

Steering Committee

Dr. Stuart A. Grossman (Johns Hopkins) and Dr. Howard Fine (NIH) are responsible for the administration of this program. The Steering Committee oversees the functioning of the training program. This committee is comprised of representatives from medical and pediatric oncology, radiation oncology, neurosurgery, neuropathology, and neurology from the NIH and Johns Hopkins. This committee is responsible for:

  • Interviewing and selecting trainees,
  • Approving trainee research programs,
  • Ensuring that trainees receive broad exposure to the principles of medical oncology, radiation therapy, and laboratory and clinical research,
  • Monitoring and evaluating trainee progress,
  • Aiding trainees in career decisions, and
  • Evaluating the program.