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J16146 - IMAGE II: Individualized Molecular Analyses Guide Efforts in Breast Cancer – Personalized Molecular Profiling in Cancer Treatment at Johns Hopkins
Protocol Number:
Phase I/II
Vered Stearns
Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center in Baltimore
Sibley Memorial Hospital
The goal of this research study is to further the development of personalized therapy for breast cancer. We want to determine if the personalized genetic information obtained from a patient’s blood sample is comparable to that obtained from a tumor tissue sample, and if we can use information from the blood sample to make treatment decisions. Blood samples are less invasive, faster to collect, could contain more genetic information, and ultimately may be a useful addition to or replacement for tumor tissue biopsy.
Any woman or man being seen at Johns Hopkins for treatment of metastatic breast cancer may be eligible. You need to have received at least one prior treatment for metastatic breast cancer.
You will then have your blood drawn and may possibly have your tumor biopsied. If you have had a biopsy within the past three years, you will likely not need a new biopsy. Your tumor specimen will be reviewed by the pathology department at Johns Hopkins and will also be sent for genetic testing. Your blood will be analyzed to look for genetic similarities to the tumor sample. Once the genetic test results are back, a panel of experts at Johns Hopkins will review the information at their weekly meeting and suggest strategies for therapy. We will share these suggestions with you and your doctor. We will also inform you if there was any problem analyzing your tissue or if we do not find any genes to make treatment suggestions. You are under no obligation to follow these suggestions by enrolling in this study. You and your doctor will review the information and decide on the best plan for your care. As part of the study, we would like to follow you through your future treatments and will request that you have research blood samples throughout your treatment.
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