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Multiparametric MRI for assessing radiotherapy treatment response of prostate cancer
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Danny Song
Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center in Baltimore
This research is being done to evaluate the possibility of using several MRI imaging techniques together to assess the radiation treatment response of prostate cancer and normal tissue around the prostate.Many advanced MRI techniques have been developed and performed for the diagnostic purpose routinely. In this study we want to find out whether those MRI imaging techniques are useful in monitoring radiation therapy response to the prostate and surrounding tissue. By performing additional MRI exams during and at the end of radiation treatments and comparing with the MRI exam prior toradiation, it is possible that valuable information could be obtained to assess the radiation treatment response of prostate cancer and normal tissue surrounding the prostate and then to adjust the radiation treatment accordingly.The MRI exams will include several advanced MR imaging sequences (including but not limited to MR spectroscopy, DCE, diffusion and perfusion imaging, which are used in routine clinical radiology settings) in addition to typical MR imaging.Since at this stage in the research we do not know what information we can get from data analysis and how the information will affect the management of treating prostate cancer, it is important that you understand how it will be used. If you enroll in this study, the treatment of prostate cancer will not beaffected in any way. You will take two additional MRI exams, but the information acquired will not be used to make any treatment decision or treatment adjustment.You are being asked to join this study because you have been diagnosed with prostate cancer will be undergoing radiation therapy.
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08/08/2020 05:02 AM